About Ailin…

Ailin graduated from University College Cork, Ireland in 1998 with a degree in European Studies (European politics, law, Italian and French).   Employed by Black & Decker, Italy in the months following her graduation, Ailin unexpectedly found herself working in an arena she had no knowledge or expertise in – finance.

Since then, she has figured out what it means to be a financial professional, formally becoming a member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) in 2004.  She has maintained close allegiance to her other core skills however – effective communication and relationship building.

It is this combination of financial and softer skills which make Ailin the effective professional that she is.

Ailin loves the personal satisfaction that she gleans from helping businesses start up well, run efficiently and grow and expand at the best pace.

Her primary passion is, and always has been, her family. 

It is family that inspired her to help dental and medical professionals.  With two dentists and an orthodontist in the immediate family, there was really no way to avoid it!