So, you have been operating for a while now, and are delighted with how it is going.  It is going so well in fact, that you are considering an expansion

That could mean a new practitioner joining your business, offering additional services, longer opening hours, or expanding to a whole new premises.  Exciting, isn’t it!

What you are hoping for, what it might cost you and what you might get in return – it is a tricky one to measure. You need to assess it all. 

  • the financial impact
  • the patient impact
  • the impact on you

 It is a little like starting again.  Again, we can help.

Or you have been working for a while, have established a well-oiled machine and are ready to evaluate just what the business is worth in the market.  You may not be ready to sell just yet, or you may be seriously considering just that.  Either way, we can help.