“Alcumus was recommended to us by dental colleagues who had used them for a similar start up dental practice in Perth. We were reluctant at the beginning to outsource the business plans to an adviser, as we felt we had a decent grasp on our financial requirements and forecasted projections. Well, we didn’t! Let’s just say if it weren’t for Alcumus we would never have managed to bring our plan to fruition. After having difficulty sorting out financing early on, we contacted Alcumus and asked them for help. They immediately took over and redrafted the entire plan in a way that was professional and realistic, and all in the space of two days. Even though we were starting a green site dental practice, the plan Alcumus finally put together for us resulted in full offers from each of the banks we approached. We were delighted with the speed, precision and professionalism we encountered at every stage of the process. They’re not like other gurus we have used in the past who promise the world and leave you without much of a clue as to what you have to do. They saw our problems and solved them, fast. Well all that was a few months ago now. We are ready to open in June, and our shiny new surgery is all down to Ailín and her team. I have little doubt that we will continue to use Alcumus for other facets of our business. They are our mentors, our confidants, they even helped us with our lease negotiations and marketing plans. And when we needed a PR campaign on a tight budget they crunched the numbers and advised us on the best approach for return on investment. In short, they are our go to guys now and it is a relief to be able to stop searching. We could not recommend them more. ”
Gerald O’Connor – Principal Dentist
The Wicklow Dental Clinic
“The prospect of starting up a new business is a daunting one at any stage of one’s career. When it comes to specialist medical services such as orthodontics and dentofacial orthopaedics, as a director it is imperative to have somebody who understands and is willing to adjust their thought-processes, to the business environment of a niche industry. Alcumus achieved this and much more. By clearly identifying Solas Orthodontics’ objectives and understanding the services we wished to implement, they were able to fashion a business plan to reflect our intended philosophy as a healthcare provider. There are times when a start-up company needs somebody to calmly and carefully identify any pitfalls in their strategy and lead them in the right direction. The range of services available from Alcumus including market analysis, sales strategy and implementation were able to clearly demonstrate how to best achieve our goals in a competitive environment. We were grateful to have the input and support of people who cared not only on a professional level but on a personal one. To have such a winning combination is probably what sets Alcumus apart for start-up companies in the Dental and Medical industry. ”
Daniel O’Connor – Director/Specialist Orthodontist
Solas Orthodontics
“At last! A left brained numbers expert who also has outstanding character, presence, a “whole of business approach” and grounded to boot! It’s been my pleasure to work with Ailin and benefit from her analysis and advice over the past seven years in three diverse business. Ailin quietly and thoughtfully enters and assesses a business with the benefit of huge global experience and pleasingly without the baggage we all carry. Her accurate and pragmatic commercial assessment never ends there though. She routinely offers a sound interpretation of the numbers accompanied with what I’ve found to be very insightful and practical business plans. It’s these plans that in the past have turned around at least three haemorrhaging situations. I have only admiration for her smart approach and value her tenacity in making things happen. Ailin is a quality person. ”
Duncan Whitfield – Regional Manager
“Alcumus was engaged to put in place management reporting templates to use on a regular basis including budgeting and forecasting reports. As a small business we didn’t possess the skills in house and found Ailin's financial and technical knowledge was excellent. The reports have enabled us to understand our costs, identify cost savings and forecast our costs moving forward. The templates have been easy to work with and give a good snap shot of different parts of the business. I would recommend Alcumus to any business looking at identifying where the profit is. This process has enabled us to make well informed decisions in regards to our service offerings and national expansion. ”
Sue Pember – Managing Director
Aussie Orientation Services
“We engaged Ailin’s services as a facilitator and finance expert. The project she joined was to implement a cost control system for a large corporation about to enter into a multi-billion dollar on and offshore construction. Ailin’s combination of technical financial know how and excellent interpersonal skills were essential for success in this role. The role was focussed on ensuring that both the finance and project needs were represented within the cost control system which was being designed at the time. Ailin used extensive stakeholder engagement across a range of management levels, facilitation of cross business workshops and policy and process documentation as a focus. At a critical time in the development of the new cost control system, Ailin's contribution was vital to keeping all parties engaged and supportive of the project. She was a key reason for the projects success. ”
Tracy Thomas – Project Manager
“Ailin has so much to offer a business in a service area which is not available from your internal finance staff or external accountants. She has added superb value to our business decision making processes, our understanding of our numbers and our ability to cost our services before going to market with price. Ailin's personal efficiency and intelligence means she gets results quicker than most and her level of integrity and genuine care for her clients marks her as one of the best in her field. Cannot speak highly enough of her work and character.”
Brian Briscoe – Managing Director
Briscoe Search and Consulting
“By the time we engaged Ailin through Alcumus we had achieved reasonable success locally within the dental sector. However, we wanted to expand, to roll out our methods and business plans to the next level, which demanded successfully acquiring competitively tendered dental contracts. On the recommendation of one of our colleagues, we sought assistance through Alcumus. Despite the physical distance, Alcumus kept in constant contact by phone, email, text and video conference. We have since acquired three contracts for the provision of dental services in a wide geographical area. Ailin’s knowledge and energy were boundless. She helped us with every stage of the tender process. From her experience working with big corporates, she was the perfect ally to give us much needed advice. She restructured our business plan, redrafted our financial models, forecasts and costings and supported our revised strategic planning. We would have no hesitation in recommending them for any business enterprise in the future. ”
Dawn Beard – Practice Manager
Oak Dental Group